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My objective was to modernize and enhance the user experience by introducing dimension and dynamism to a previously static interface. I revamped the color palette from a monotonous mint to a more vibrant scheme, presenting options and collaborating with stakeholders for feedback. I simplified the navigation, redesigned specific user flows, designed and implemented new features, and developed an initial design system while working closely with stakeholders to validate design decisions. The result is a vibrant, efficient dashboard that automates comparisons (comps), simplifying complex data analysis for investors and analysts. This project stands out in its niche by offering a tailored focus and advanced AI capabilities not found in other web apps in the industry or space.


  1. UI/UX re-Design
  2. ia/user flows
  3. Wireframes
  4. Prototype
  5. initial Design system
  6. Interaction Design


  1. figma
  2. illustrator
  3. photoshop
  4. after effects


the brand

4Wall IQ offers a B2B, SaaS web app that simplifies and automates complex data analysis for the retail investment due diligence process. They provide a platform for creating and managing live and updated custom comparisons (comps) for businesses. They automate research and analysis tasks, freeing up your time to focus on your business. 4Wall IQ's goal is to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of investment research, making it easier for investors and analysts to make informed decisions.



First, I conducted a thorough design audit. This involved reviewing the app's current state, identifying areas for improvement, and ideating on new user flows and new features to enhance usability and functionality. I also examined the UI/UX of similar platforms like Crunchbase, Speeda Edge, Public Comps, Koyfin, Placer.ai, and PrivCo for inspiration. By analyzing their design elements and user flows, I influenced the redesign of 4Wall, transforming its static interface into a dynamic and modern user experience tailored specifically for the retail investment sector.







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