R+D, Concept, Branding Design


An R&D Designer for all categories

At Macy's I had the opportunity to design from conception to fruition, direct photoshoots, create flat lays, and work closely with creative directors and social media marketing teams to help conceptualize, style and build a brand's story. I’ve helped macy's private label re-brand and re-build conceptually, while also designing R+D collections consisting of unique silhouettes, providing trend & concept direction to teams and partnering with the fabric team to source new fabric concepts and implications, and fabric manipulations.


  1. Fashion Design
  2. Tech design
  3. Concept design
  4. fabric sourcing
  5. research and development


  1. illustrator
  2. photoshop
  3. Sketching
sp '19 R&D collection & Concept design
Pre-spring '19 trend-concept
dec '18/ jan '19 concept